Nice Addition to Bridgeport’s Downtown

Growing up in Bridgeport, there’s this hometown pride within me and wanting to see the city grow and become prosperous.  I think the Stress Factory Comedy Club is a nice addition along with the incredible restaurants in Bridgeport’s downtown revitalization (See my Hidden Gems post.)


It’s been open for about a year and I’ve finally had the chance to go there to see several different comedians within the last month or so.  It is within walking distance from the train station and plenty of parking in a nearby lot if you don’t want to try street parking.  Street parking is free after 6 pm and on the weekends.  Initially I wanted to go to a special event (which is a headliner comedian), but the comedian my friends and I were planning to see had canceled his tour so we ended up seeing Godfrey.  Let me tell you, there really isn’t a bad seat at all.  The emcee starts off the show, followed by a comedian, and then the headliner.

If you are hungry and/or thirsty, they have a reasonably priced food and drink menu.  Surprisingly the food is pretty tasty, coming from Harlan Haus, the restaurant next store.  Although, I’ve only had the empanadas, chicken wings, and ice cream sundae.  After the show my friends have gone to nearby restaurants for after drinks and food.  (Check out Harlan Haus or Brewport.)  I’ve been lucky to be back to see several other comedians.


Vinnie Brand, the owner told me that I really should try the non-special events because those shows are just as good as the special events.  He’s right!  If you want some laughs with your friends or SO, check out their schedule and come down to Bridgeport’s Stress Factory Comedy Club.

Stress Factory Comedy Club, 167  State St. Bridgeport