Lincoln, New Hampshire

Kids off this week.  Why not start planning something to do for their next break?

Most schools in Connecticut have taken away a full week off in February.  Instead, the kids have the Friday and President’s Day off to make a 4-day weekend.  So, it’s a perfect time to head for a weekend getaway to New Hampshire.

That’s what I did in February 2016.  Although I don’t have kids, I was in need of a weekend getaway.  What’s better than going with some good friends?  (I also stopped in Boston, MA for a day and a half on my drive back home, which I’ll share in another blog post.)

I had found a deal on Groupon for a newly renovated hotel.  So when we went in February, I stayed at Arlington hotel in Bethlehem, NH.  It is about 30 minutes away from Lincoln and nestled away, overlooking the White Mountains.  When I went, the hotel was still undergoing renovations, but from what I have read in the reviews and its website, it looks like they have been completed.  It is a kosher hotel, but you don’t need to be Jewish to stay.  They do offer a kosher breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  However, we had some picky eaters so we went out to eat in the next town over– Littleton.

Here are the places that we had gone to eat while in Littleton:

  • Topic of the Town
  • The Little Grille at the Depot

One of the nights, we did eat at Ninety Nines only because everything had shut down by 10 p.m.

Our plan was to go snow tubing at Loon Mountain, but I forgot to make reservations.  They also offer skiing if you are a skier.  Be sure to get your tickets ahead of time, especially since kids in Massachusetts still have the week off and many families head to Lincoln for skiing.

To kill time, we drove around Lincoln looking for some shopping and fun.


Since we couldn’t go snowtubing, what’s better than that—wine tasting, of course.  You are probably wondering, there’s good wine in New Hampshire?  Surprisingly, yes!  In my research prior to going, I had found Seven Birches Winery and placed it on my itinerary as an option if there was time to do it.  We stopped there and I would recommend doing the Meet the Winemakers Tour.  Mark, the owner was very welcoming and shared with us the whole process of winemaking. Then came the wine tasting, the best part. He talked you through every smell, taste and finish.  My favorite was the strawberry wine.

IMG_0142 copy

I had planned to go to see the ice castles, but we still had a few hours before our reserved time and after the wine tasting, we needed to eat.  So we went to eat at Pigs Ear BBQ and then headed over to One Love Brewery for more drinks.


Afterwards, we headed to the ice castles, which are was down the street from the BBQ place and brewery.  It features man-made turrets, archways, tunnels, an ice slide and waterfalls that are lit up with colored LED lights.  They are amazing and breathtaking to see.  You have to purchase your tickets ahead of time and reserve a time.  I would recommend going around 4:00ish if you go in February.  That way, you can see them in daylight and as it turns dark, you can see the ice castles lit up.  Be sure to dress warmly and wear boots.  It can get a little icy.  They also sell hot chocolate there too if you need to warm up.


So if you do choose to head up to New Hampshire, especially the White Mountain area, keep in mind some of these restaurants and things to do.  Happy and safe travels!!!