Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia also nicknamed the City of Brotherly Love was my summer getaway  this year.  This was my second time to this city.  I had gone several years ago with my crew.  We had a blast!  But there was not enough time to do everything I wanted to.   Since it’s only about a 3 hour drive from southwestern Connecticut, why not head back!

This time I stayed at Warwick Hotel Rittenhouse, located in central Philadelphia.  It was perfectly situated.  I walked everywhere from there.  It’s a nice hotel, renovated recently.  When you walk in, you’re welcomed by the sleek decor and walls adorned with a script.  My room was simple and it was really more of a place to sleep than anything, knowing that I was only in Philadelphia for 2 1/2 days this time.

rittenhouseThe last time I came, all the locals had told us to go to Sonny’s Famous Steaks so I never made it to Pat’s or Geno’s.  So that was my first stop.  Their rivalry is well-known.  I walked there from the hotel…it was a long walk; I should have drove, but hey, I walked off the calories from the cheesesteaks even before eating it.  Plus, there really is no parking.  Pat’s and Geno’s are literally right across from each other.  They both look a lot bigger on television.  Pat’s was first; I ordered the steak wit-out cheese whiz.  The steak was shaved and lathered with cheese whiz.  The bread was amazing. Then, off to Geno’s where I got the same thing.  Geno’s sandwich had layers of steak, but my cheese was watery, which I know is from the beef juices, but that’s not my cup of tea.  For me, Pat’s was better.

When you go to Philadelphia, you can’ leave without having a Philly cheesesteak.   Personally, I think it is really going to come down to one’s own preference.  Head to Philly and you decide for yourself which is best!


The other place that I had to go to was Reading Terminal Market.  Prior to going I had checked out their website and researched what I should try.  My list included:  try donuts from Beiler’s Bakery, get cookies from the Famous 4th Street Cookie Company, try some pastries from Termini Bros Bakery, get some fried cheese curds and a corn dog from Fox & Son, eat a pastrami sandwich from Hershel, have ice cream from Bassett’s and try pierogies from Franks-A-Lot.  I know, overly ambitious…I tried.


My definite must-try are the donuts from Beiler’s Bakery.  Get there early; there’s usually a line that’s wrapped around.  I got the Salty Caramel, Chocolate Mousse, Boston Creme, Apple Fritter, and Strawberry-filled donuts.  They were the lightest, most fluffiest donuts I have ever had!  And no, I didn’t eat them all in one sitting.

I also wanted to check out their Chinatown because the last time I had gone, it was one of the stops on the Hop On/Hop Off sightseeing bus tours.  It’s not really that impressive as New York City’s Chinatown.


Some of the other places that I’d recommend going to are:

  • Eastern State Penitentiary
  • Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • U.S. Mint
  • One Liberty Observation Deck

If you are looking for some other places to eat besides the merchants in Reading Terminal Market, here are a few of my suggestions:


I hope you can get away and enjoy exploring the city of Brotherly Love! Happy and safe travels!