Explore, Dream, Inspire

My family and friends know that I love to travel and when I can’t I love to cook, eat, take pictures, and read.  Growing up, I never went on vacation and promised myself that I would try to go to a new place once I could afford to do so.  Being a teacher, my travel time tends to be limited to the summer months, but I have managed to go somewhere new each year…Honolulu, HI, Kauai, HI, Disney World, Las Vegas, Playa del Carmen, Mexico, Maui, HI, Rome, Italy, Florence, Italy, Venice, Italy, Cabo, Mexico, Santa Ana, CA, San Diego, CA to name a few.  Being that I live in Connecticut, I’m very close to New York City.  So, I travel into the city often to explore the different neighborhoods and boroughs.  My hope is to share with you the places I’ve been and share with you some recommendations for restaurants, attractions, and hidden finds that you should visit.  For those months that I don’t get to travel afar I will share with you the books that take my mind to other places or recipes that I have found or learned from others and modified to make them my own.  I hope you enjoy traveling my journey with me and are inspired to go and be adventurous. ❤️